Bad Dates – February 14, 2018


This Valentine’s Day, join award-winning comedy troupe Good Morning Apocalypse at the MCC for dinner and a show, as they perform their brand-new adult-themed Valentine’s Day comedy revue: Bad Dates!

February 14th, come to the one comedy show the embraces the dark side of Valentine’s Day: All the broken hearts it leaves lying in its wake! From blind-dating Debra, who has to face the peculiar challenge of breaking up with a mime, to a harrowing date gone wrong at Count Chocula’s castle, to the unwelcome ghostly visitors to a romantic Patrick Swayze-themed date, we celebrate all the ways that Cupid’s arrow can miss the mark. And this is one show that will leave you feeling a little more love in your heart, since a portion of proceeds go to Operation Grow, a new project developed by Huronia Transition Homes. So grab your sweet little heartbreaker and come on out… ‘cause the only ones having a good date will be the audience!

Dinner provided by Cafe Roxy

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